Twelve’Len “Free the 4” Shot by Sir Fetti

Twelve’Len has carved a serious lane for himself in Florida. With his newest single “Free the 4” Twelve uses his underrated singing ability to enhance the track. This single breaks the mold for hip-hop and taps into the more vulnerable side of a man which is refreshing and virtually unheard of except in artists like 6lack.

The track is interesting as it does not seem to be a usual hip hop beat but instead a blend of different genres. Twelve‘Len not only appeases his audience with his different beats but also his openness with his audience. Allowing his listeners, a peak into his life.

Even though current hip-hop seems to glorify the use of drug use he delves into the co-dependency of sleeping pills to cope with his issues. This is admirable that he uses his pain and turns it into art that others can easily relate to.


-Jaylin H.

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