Trapfone “Anastasia”

Trapfone are back at it again with their latest song, “Anastasia.” This duo’s consistency is surprising, and their growth is astounding. Every song that I’ve so far had the pleasure of reviewing has been enough to take one’s breath away. You can’t help but be excited to see where they’re going.

The instrumentals are always outstanding, but for every track, I’ve greatly enjoyed the progression Betty Dawl has shown. “Come a little closer, I’ve got something to show ya,” she croons on the opening lyrics of the song. The way she sings is intimate, and it makes you need to pay attention to the lyrics even closer. It almost seems like she’s freestyling with how effortlessly her flows are delivered. These are the vocalists the world needs. The kind of vocalists who blur the line between how music is typically classified.

The song is not a banger, but it’s the perfect tune to listen to on an afternoon drive. “Anastasia,” is driven by it’s melodies. And Betty Dawl shows off her vocal control throughout. The instrumental by JXPVTTY is light, and creates an atmosphere that gives the song a confident and powerful feeling. Listen to Trapfone’s latest single, “Anastasia,” right now.


Gabriel Al-Shaer
Gabriel Al-Shaer

Location: Orlando | Writer for Mieux Magazine Gabriel is a Palestinian-American artist and writer based out of Central Florida. He has pursued music since 2015 and continues to make music alongside collaborators CreativesOnly.

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