Masta Thom presents “No Digas Mas”

Orlando’s very own Masta Thom presents to us his debut project “No Digas Mas” which is filled with complex beats and hard hitting rhymes.

“Slangin” is a dope way to start off this 8 track project. For those who aren’t familiar with the artist, Masta Thom puts up a wonderful introduction showcasing his talent with flowing rhymes. “Make it Right Back” showcases the rappers ability to make a banger track; most rappers with those abstract rhymes have trouble balancing. Masta Thom finds the perfect balance with his emphasized lyricism to his bouncing flow to keep the listener engaged throughout the whole track or even project.

A stand-out track for me was “No Opps” which was the team effort of both Orlando artists, Thom and AR Restless. This is an interesting mix since the beat was perfectly chosen for both artists to showcase their ability to conquer a flow. Including a trap hard hitting rhyme aura, AR comes in and serenades the song adding a perfect soulful touch.

Overall, this debut project is beyond promising. It checked every box, introducing us who Masta Thom is, Masta Thoms flow and wordplay, Intricate style. Masta Thom is able to provide a different style for the Orlando community, his voice is really the key for something big for the community. I say he just made a new cool fan. Check out the whole project and more of his music out!

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Kumail Raza
Kumail Raza

Location: Orlando | Writer for Mieux Magazine

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