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Interro Bang Bang is carving itself a place in the fashion world one bow & collar at a time.

You have your traditional Navy Blue, Black, Brown collars and bows that are work appropriate but these aren’t like anything you’ve seen before. Some have pop culture references for instance, the Trolls, Chatter Teeth and Kewpie babies, and others are exclusive for the holidays like the skeleton or zombie hands. Like all innovators (yeah, I said “innovators,” let’s give it to her) this product ideas arose out of a lack she saw on the market.

Interro Bang bang has liberated herself from several generations of artisans and entrepreneurs reaching a specific demographic that other companies aren’t able to. Set at a retail price of $35 USD for collars and $20 for bows you can purchase these works of art at Bookmark the page because as of now, all pieces are sold out including the Yabba Dabba Ding Dong set which includes the Flinstones themed collar, snap on cartoon caveman tie and one alligator clip 2D cartoon bone; as well as the Berry Merry set that includes one collar, two snap on strawberries (one naughty/one niiice).


Corey Jones
Corey Jones

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