€URO TRILLL “ILLEGAL” Directed by SYGYZY Visualz

Euro Trill is onto something that is revolutionary for the music industry. After listening to Trill’s new track, “Illegal (prod. Slick)”, a luring wave keeps drawing me back to listen more. The haunting tune is mystic and straightforward, with sparks of somber thrills that are destined to catch your attention.

Listening to the track feels like a creepy jolt overtaking your mind but also settling it with an aesthetically pleasing anticipation. The lyrics accurately correlate with the tune, giving the listener one hell of an ego. Euro Trill raps, “packing something loaded and it’s lethal” with a soft ghostly voice. If you’re looking for an innovative and original sound, you have come to the right place. Trill effectively places an ominous tone with an unrepentant and unapologetic vibe. Euro Trill reflects lack of care for any kind of repercussion as long as she can keep her cool and her narcotics of course. She raps,“I ask myself where to put this darkness I’ve been keeping” allowing herself to be vulnerable in accepting that she does have emotions hidden deep down, even though her first appearance is that she doesn’t care at all. Deep introspection such as “Narcotics in the closet that I hope no one be peepin” prove to be the outlet for the pain that overwhelms the mind.

Creatively nightmarish, “Illegal” is a promising track that will invite you to a whole other realm of music.


-Christina L.

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