DJ Luna Presents “Sunday Morning EP”

DJ Luna is wise beyond her years when it comes to being a professional disc jockey. DJ’ing and playlist curating as Wale’s official DJ for Every Blue Moon, Luna is nowhere near new to creating seamless, powerful, and cohesive track lists. However, she’s taking her first steps into her personal playlists by serving a new level of smoothness on her first official project, the Sunday Morning EP. The extended play is slated to be delivered February 11, which is probably not coincidentally, a Sunday.

An abstract, yet beautifully universal concept, the Sunday Morning EP was aptly titled after the emotions a Sunday morning evokes. “What does this project feel like?” Luna claims she pondered to herself, and to her, it felt like a Sunday morning. The imagery of it: leaks of yellowish light pouring in through shabby kitchen curtains, the smell of rich coffee, and the soft sound of just bare feet on the floor, Sunday mornings have been almost universally accepted as a time to relish in life’s sweeter and smoother moments. DJ Luna says Sundays signify for her, “relaxation and a fresh start.” And without a doubt, the EP carries out consistent relaxing R&B and Soul vibes, prepping you for your “fresh start” to the week.

The nine song track list starts with “Sunday” and takes us on a journey through the week, with each next song titled as the subsequent day of the week, including “Saturday Evening Interlude” and wrapping the tape up with “Sunday Morning.” On “Sunday,” the light crackle of the record sample provides the perfect backdrop for high pitched horns and dreamy strings, while Chuck Strangers of Pro Era lays down a few clever bars before giving way for the reimagined classic soul track to breathe which he produced himself. Rising artists like Sylvan LaCue, Spazzy D, and Josh Waters throw their prowess into the ring as well, while artists like Cuck II and Farah were recruited through DJ Luna on twitter to donate some lyricism. King Linus is a recurring producer for the project while a few Florida producers score the credits as well, lending a hand in keeping a constant flow of ideas, especially with similar track samples like Gladys Knight, W.A.R., and the O’Jays. Each artist keeps a consistent, soulful stroke in their deliveries when singing turns to rapping, and even when that bleeds into the Saturday Interlude that boasts a beautifully full-bodied production by Stucciano with only soothing, hummed soul vocals.

From start to finish, DJ Luna creates an atmosphere in line with the rest of the artistic ventures that sought to explain the same phenomenon. Simply chopped, but gracefully left intact, the soulful beats and classics carpet bomb the EP like a snug blanket, while the vocals serve relaxing flows about refreshing trysts and thoughts to simply guide you through your Sunday morning routine. She’s chipped away at the Sunday Morning EP since September of 2016, and used her slow and steady approach to tactfully recruit the producers and lyricists essential to the project. To her, this also helped to add a more relaxed feel to the project as well, eliminating a sense of rushing or panic. The Sunday Morning EP isn’t just easy listening, but as the Commodores would say, “it’s easy like Sunday mornin’.”


Justin Smith
Justin Smith

Location: Orlando | Writer for Mieux Magazine

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