Cosmic Roots Collective presents “Virtues”


If you haven’t noticed, we’re in the year 2017, which means we’re desperately deprived of competent prog-rock groups, something that ruled the underground in the late 60s and the 70s. Most prog-rock bands making music today can really only be found deep in 4Chan music forums nested between stoner metal and Norwegian folk music classics. Luckily, the search has become much easier today with Cosmic Roots Collection sharing an exclusive look at their EP “Virtues.”

Upon first listen, Virtues plays a lot off of the droning rhythm guitar parts and organ playing that characterized bands like King Crimson. Although the vocals, provided by Wheeler Newman, are much less commanding than progressive bands like Pink Floyd, the band’s togetherness is able to accommodate for the levels and not drown anybody out, providing a give and take relationship that shows off each members’ individual talent. However, although each member comes together to provide a very professional and mature sound, no breakout intense guitar or drum solos run their course very long. 

The song “Talking About Stuff” is a prime example of the dichotomy between sinister psychedelic sounds and floating euphoric soundscapes that perfectly define CRC’s overall sound. Deep fried and crunchy guitar sounds with backtracked vocals are reminiscent of Ty Segall while still avoiding a lofi sound with more soulful lyrics and peaceful choruses. CRC proves with their first major project that they’re ready to bring progressive music top-side with “Virtues”; getting in and out of catchy grooves, utilizing droning filters, and finishing up with top of the line production to give us a perfect angle at modern prog-rock, ranging from ominous folky tunes, to rocking jams that belt out vocals as if they were coming straight of the 60s.


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