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Valentina Perez, also known as Tina Photo, is a Miami based photographer who’s proficient eye with color and beauty of her subjects goes seemingly unmatched with all over her portraits.

Whether it be close-up, medium shot, or a long shot – Valentina is able to perfectly capture the allure of the subjects and how the colors used in their wardrobe or makeup live in harmony with the colors in the background of the portraits. With having both studio portraits and outdoor portraits, it is clear that lighting and capturing the perfect mood for her portraits is no feat for Valentina, as well as the hard working makeup artists and stylists that she works with for these shoots.

One thing that Valentina is able to portray best above all is emotion. There is not a single frame wasted in her portfolio. Every single picture and subject that Valentina has taken has a different emotion. From her subjects sitting on a floatie in a pool, to sitting in a field of sunflowers, or even a warm embrace from another model in a two shot, there is no denying the emotions that you feel when gazing at Valentina’s artistry.

You can check out more of Valentina’s work on her Tumblr as well as on twitter and IG.

Elijah Horton
Elijah Horton

Location: Orlando | Photographer & Writer for Mieux Magazine New York born, Orlando FL based, freelance photographer and writer. Since first being featured on Mieux for the 5MMA recap, Elijah has taken pictures for many local events, showcases, and Orlando artists.

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