Tyler Tierney “Longing”

“Sometimes you get just what you crave,” croons Tyler Tierney on his new track, “Longing.” Based out of Gainesville and attending the University Of Florida, Tyler Tierney still manages to finds the time to write and self-produce his own songs.

His sound has an alternative foundation to it with strong synths that give it a very unique sound. I haven’t heard music like this in quite a bit and I must say that it is refreshing. The lyrics address that kind of longing for someone that is almost insatiable.

I would love to hear, “Longing,” in a live format. This is the perfect kind of music to see at a low key club, or even the perfect song to belong on a soundtrack to an indie movie. “Longing,” by Tyler Tierney is a sound you may not be familiar within the FL “underground” scene, but you should. Take a listen and fall in love with the song for yourself.

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Gabriel Al-Shaer
Gabriel Al-Shaer

Location: Orlando | Writer for Mieux Magazine

Gabriel is a Palestinian-American artist and writer based out of Central Florida. He has pursued music since 2015 and continues to make music alongside collaborators CreativesOnly.

  1. Wow so much in these lyrics. What a nice voice. Definitely looking into Tyler Tierney wanna year more from this guy.!!

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