Trevor Gla$$ featuring Dee$ “Taxin” Directed by ArrogantWatcher

Trevor Gla$$ presents to us a music video “Taxin” featuring Dee$ directed by ArrogantWatcher. High energy and good emphasis on the flow is what makes this song pleasant for any listener.

Dee$ makes his presence known, capitalizing on the balanced energy Trevor is giving off. Both rappers instilled such wonderful chemistry throughout this song that the back and forth after a few bars does justice for both artists giving each one to shine. You’ll probably even be shocked that these boys are from Melbourne. What I also thought was interesting, and awesome, is that ArrogantWatcher, while known for his cinematic photography, showcased his ability filming a video. It comes to show you that all artists are capable of conquering multiple mediums. These three collaborated perfectly on this track.

Check out more music by Trevor Gla$$, you won’t be disappointed.


Kumail Raza
Kumail Raza

Location: Orlando | Writer for Mieux Magazine

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