With many creative collectives around Florida, there’s a lot of energy flowing that some may go unnoticed. EffEl, what started out as a blog to promote a few homies has grown into a multimedia platform for a group of genuine creative friends that feed, and bounce ideas, to & from each other.

The Orlando based platform was founded by Lauren Truee his junior year of high school and now houses creators from the likes of rappers, photographers,videographers, models, designers, and even a DJ. Known as EffEl Waters, the creative platform even holds poetry. Now you’re probably wondering what makes these individuals stand out? Well, they’re all, at most, 20 years old, and are witnessing a growing success locally, and as they branch out across the state. The group consists of Lauren Truee, who acts as the creative director and designer. Zach Maxwell as the videographer, and photographer along with Daniel Moncada, and Jedi, the rapper. Model, Sketchy, and Jah the DJ. Check them out.

Lauren Truee (19) – Creative Directer, Designer @Lauren_Truee | Zach Maxwell (18) – Videographer, Co -Directer @zvch4 | Jedì (19) – Rapper, Photographer @Jedi_fl | Geekwell (18) -Photographer @geekwell | Sketchy (20 ) – Model @resplendentfool  | Jah (18) – Dj | Daniel Moncada (18) – Photographer


-Tylor H.

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