The Beat Box: The Pyrvmids

Name: Brandon Wilson
Producer Name: The Pyrvmids
Age: 24
Hometown: Miami, Fl

Most recent project:
Stadium Status

In 3 words, describe your producing style:
Intergalactic Gangster Soul

Where did your name come from?
One of my older brothers gave it to me because he said my govt name was lame (lol)

How long have you been producing?
Ive been producing for about 8 years now

What genre of music are you most influenced by?
R&B, I grew up on it and it touches my soul still till this day.

Does the music you like influence the music you make? If so, how?
Im a sampled based producer and I started my techniques off by sampling my fav R&B and Soul records and that was how I really got recognized.

Favorite local artists to work with:
My partner in crime Terry2Dope he’s been my right hand and the person Ive been producing with from the beginning he’s the reason I do it. One of the illest to ever rap. I think y’all everybody is sleep on him.

Is there an artist you want to work with that you have not yet had the opportunity to work with? Favorite collaboration so far?
Robb Bank$ is one of my favorites, Ive done shows and a short tour with him but never got the chance to work with him on music. Favorite collab is “Stadium Starship” w/ Denzel Curry. That track happened so naturally and its a fan favorite.

What are some of the frustrations that come with being a producer?
The frustration with being a producer is that the come up is hard, and leaves you without funds but if you work and plant seeds to make a good name for yourself in due time you’ll be able to get your foundation right.

When you’re listening to someone else beat, do you find yourself dissecting & critiquing it?
When I’m listening to others beats I just thing of competition and how I can get better.

What is it that makes florida sound different from the rest of the country’s production?
We’re the East coast version of LA, MAJOR difference is our flavor and Southern influence. We’re the most south but also we have Caribbean influence in our sound too. I try to incorporate it all into my sound. Miami is still undiscovered when it comes to all of the sounds here. I think in the next years we’ll fully be a force in Hip Hop & R&B.


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