The Beat Box: Paywop

Paywop “Past My Time”

Name: Luis Pagan
Producer Name: Paywop
Age: 17
Hometown: Miami, FL

Most recent project:
Paywop Demo: Vol.1

In 3 words, describe your producing style.
Versatile, beautiful, timeless.

Where did your name come from?
I’ve always been called “Wop” by my close friends since I was a kid, and my last names Pagan so I just incorporated both together.

How long have you been producing?
I’ve been producing for about 4 years already. Started when I was about 14.

What genre of music are you most influenced by?
Old School R&B has to be what influences my sound the most. Artists like R. Kelly, Ginuwine, Lloyd have helped develop my craft a lot.

How often do you use samples in your production? Typically, what type of songs do you sample?
I use samples very heavy on my tracks, but I’ll tweak and play around with the sample a lot before I lay it out for a beat.

Compare the first beat you ever made to the last song you produced. what are the differences and similarities?
First beat I made was horrible compared to my most recent production. All of my beats back then were all boom bap, now I’ve been cooking up everything from trap to soul funk for my project coming soon with J The III.

Is there a certain time of the day you prefer to make music? A certain mindset you have to be in?
Late at night is when I’m creative the most, but when it comes down to it I can lay out a beat at anytime of the day like nothing.

Do the sounds you create reflect the mood you were in when you made them?
Yes my sounds to reflect my mood at the time of making them, I can say my music is very melody driven and it’s easy to tell what state of mind I was in while making the beat when listening to it.

Before creating a song, do you know exactly how you want it structured? Or do you have to play around a bit to find the perfect sound?
I always start with my melody first, so I’ll have that playing back a couple times before I lay out my drums. And once I have the drums programmed I can go on to structuring the song from verses to hooks.

Twitter: @Paywop
Instagram: @808Paywop

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