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One can truly appreciate the name ghost/\/ghoul has made for himself as a producer in a world full of vocalists getting most of the credit. He’s not restricted to any format of sound and he’s constantly pushing the envelope of what to expect from him so that it’s always a healthy surprise.

Name: Carlos
Producer Name: ghost/\/ghoul
Age: 25
Hometown: Bayamon, Puerto Rico.

Most Recent Project:
g/\/ight 3

In 3 words, describe your producing style.
Unique, Melodic, Passionate.

Where did your name come from?
i relate way too well with the whole Dr. Jekyll/Mr. hyde complex, ghost/\/ghoul is my interpretation in relating to my own life experiences.

How long have you been producing?
since high school, i took a computer music class. there wasn’t much time in that class to work on anything so i took it up as a hobby and started messing with fl studio.


“It is a project filled with synchornized sounds and trap vibes. You can tell that Ghost put his soul into every instrument on every track.”
Stream “g/\/ight3” by ghost/\/ghoul on Mieux


How did you link up with Team Sesh?
Bones hit me up around late 2011, really liked my sound and wanted to work. when the team started to form it was just natural.

Compare the first beat you ever made to the last song you produced. What are the differences and similarities?
completely different. my first attempts at music were rough around the edges, super simplistic and with a linear direction. i feel as the years gone by ive been able to refine it much more, its more of a contained chaotic atmosphere. more to explore.

Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 1.11.16 AMWhat are some of the frustrations that come with being a producer?
creative blocks, inability to mesh with others. i get bored with sounds easily, before i release any song i play it at least 100 times before im comfortable with it. a lot of the times im not and keep it for months so i can get a fresh perspective.

Favorite local artists to work with.
DoLA, i enjoy the music scene thats been building in Jacksonville. very creative and stand apart from the rest of florida.

Favorite collaboration so far?
has to be Better/\/3D, theres a lot of replay value to it and thats rare with the amount of music being released on a daily basis.


“The glitchy instrumentals mesh entirely too well with Dola’s lyrical style. His flow strolls along the beat like the infiniteness of frequency waves.” 
Stream “Better/\/3D” by Dola on Mieux


Has there ever been a time that you felt an artist didn’t do your beat justice?
a long the way yes, but ive learned to limit the amount of my collaborations. by doing that i don’t have that issue nearly as much.

You won best instrumental producer at the Mieux Magazine Awards two years in a row. Are you happy knowing you’re receiving recognition as an artist?
it’s always nice knowing there are people listening, i tend to keep to myself and focus entirely on creating. so it always catches me by surprise when the music has any sort of impact.

Social Media: @theghostnghoul

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