The Beat Box: Dr. LaFlow

Name: Nick
Producer Name: Dr. LaFlow
Age: 24
Hometown: Sunrise, FL

Most recent project:
I Saw It In A Dream & Unsound Methods

In 3 words, describe your producing style.
Keep it simple

Is there a certain mindset you have to be in before making music?
Not really but I find it hard to create without being inspired.

How do you get inspired?
Watching movies and digging for records

Who are your favorite artists?
MF DOOM, Wu-Tang Clan, St. Vincent, Future, Kanye West, Crystal Castles, Joanna Newsom

Does the music you like influence the music you make?
Yeah. I always work with samples so all my music is the result of taking elements from other songs I like.

How long have you been producing?
I started making beats around 8 years ago but it took maybe 3 years to learn and get good at it. I don’t think I showed the first few “albums” I made with more than 5 people.

“Find a sample. Chop it. Loop it. Maybe add some drums. Add finesse. Serve chilled.”

Is there a certain person or experience in your life that made you want to start making music?
It was around the time I was getting into underground hip hop and I heard MF DOOM and Madlib’s Madvillainy for the first time. Madlib’s production really stood out to me. I had already been taking music lessons for a few years up to that point so making beats really appealed to me.

What was the first piece of equipment you ever bought?
An Akai MPD18 and a Korg nanoKONTROL​

Explain your process of making beats.
Find a sample. Chop it. Loop it. Maybe add some drums. Add finesse. Serve chilled.

How often do you use samples in your production?​ How do you pick the samples? ​
I use samples in all of my production. I listen to a lot of music and I just pick whatever sounds good. It’s hard to put into words but I can tell if something will work for a beat.

What are some of the frustrations that come with being a producer?
I would say they’re the same as any other kind of artist in this day and age. Mostly standing out and getting your work heard and seen by a wide audience. It can be difficult but if your work is actually good and you think outside the box, opportunities will come.

When you’re listening to someone else beat, do you find yourself dissecting & critiquing it?
Not really. I’m more likely to be curious about a certain effect or technical aspect.

Projects you’re currently working on.
I’m not working on a specific project but I’m always making new music. I recently released I Saw It In A Dream on my Bandcamp ( and Unsound Methods which is only available on cassette (it comes with a free download)


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