THE BEAT BOX: Countach

NAME: Darien Bankhead
AGE: 20
HOMETOWN: Jacksonville, FL

In 3 words, describe your producing style.
Constantly facing evolution.

Where did your name come from?
It’s the name of my favorite Lamborghini model. I used to produce under the name “Zero,” but I did one too many remixes, so my account got terminated. I wanted to rebrand anyways and the name “Countach” just came to me along with a bunch of branding ideas and music concepts. So… I took it and ran with it.

Stream Countach’s “Coupe” EP

How long have you been producing?
Five years.

What genre of music are you most influenced by?
Indie rock and synthpop.

Favorite local artists to work with.
Mack V, he’s another producer but he just started rapping so it’s cool to see him doing something different. As well as Taz Taylor, Mayeniac, and Jordon Lumley too, all producers. There’s a singer here named Jordan Iman I gave some beats too and she ended up doing a whole EP with them. I had my dude Ferris come by and we made a cut from start to finish in like 45 minutes, and it was our first time ever linking up for a sesh. There’s so many artists in the city I wanna work with, just making the time is hard for it. Oh yeah, I can’t forget Tenny Rudolph… even though his music is in limbo right now.

Is there an artist you want to work with that you have not yet had the opportunity to work with?
Too many to name, but I’ll list a few: Fukkit, Tre Capital, DoLA, and Ameer Vaan. Hopefully I can make these happen soon.

Favorite collaboration so far?
High Class Filth, er, half-empty… whichever he prefers right now… sent me a beat a few months ago and I finished it up. It sounds like Super Mario Sunshine. I actually need to master it and send it back to him, ha.

How often do you use samples in your production?
About 50% of the time honestly, I’m really trying to cut back on doing that, but I layer sounds over them so it sounds like an actual piece of music rather than a plain, looped sample with half-assed drums on it.

Typically, what type of songs do you sample?
I sample all genres of music. From smooth jazz to abstract progressive rock songs. Think Kanye West circa 2010? My favorite samples to flip though are beachy indie songs. I love slowing down the guitars.

Is there a different mindset that goes into producing versus rapping?
Yes and no at the same time. It all depends on the desired effect you’re seeking when you make your music. Sometimes you may wanna touch people verbally with what you’re saying, but you want the beat to slap the fuck out of them.

Stream Countach’s Thorn In My Side” EP

Which one do you have the most fun doing?
Definitely rapping at this point. Producing is easy as breathing to me at this point. Rapping just feels really fresh to me, and I’m progressing immensely with it.

How did you link up with Internet Money?
I’ve known Taz Taylor since I was 15 and he basically took me under his wing to show me some things about the industry and how to sell beats. We used to Skype and he told me “yeah your beats are dope, but your mixing is shit, come to the studio and I’ll show you how.” So eventually I fell through and he’s just like a big brother to me now. He’s been trying to start up a label/group for years, I’ve seen him go through so many names/rosters of people. He tried starting “Internet Money Records” like three times. The concept of “Internet Money” caught on though so it became a movement and now it’s real. We fell off for a while, but we got back in touch so we ended up having a running gag about me being in the “new” Internet Money he was putting together. I already knew a decent amount of producers in the group before I joined, so when he said I was in, it was like coming home.



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