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Spotlight: Artist/Producer Virgo presents “Water Planet” Virtual Reality Game


Not often does an artist’s motivation inspire us just as much as their art, but every now and than, that enigmatic character comes into view. An artist who’s motivation and interests are as impressive as the art that is born from them. When putting the state of Florida under the proverbial microscope, a few figures sticks out as candidates, but someone who’s truly cemented their position is South Florida artist, Virgo. As a person who dabbles in more than just music or visual design, but video game design as well, Virgo is simply best described as an extraterrestrial dual-threat artist. Learning how to design video games and visuals by herself as well as make music, Virgo has two incredible pieces being brought to the table.

The first part of Virgo’s journey to reach her current state began in the studio. Making use of her skills as an electronic music producer and singer, Virgo created the Water Planet EP, a wispy and ghastly electronic dream-pop hybrid. Making use of plenty of fuzz and underlying sounds, the listener can get a true sense of being in a tranquil body of water and suddenly building to the upheaval and overhaul of sound to create groovy electronic beats. Under the guidance of Virgo’s calm and low singing voice however, nothing ever gets too out of control.

Stream Virgo’s “Water Planet” EP on Mieux Magazine

For example, the dreamy and lush soundscape of the second track “Hologamma” begins completely innocent, but reaches an eventual point where synths break the layer of muddiness over top of them and team up with a kick and snare beat to almost entirely recreate the atmosphere of the song. All the while, Virgo’s repeating and reprising vocal tracks still tether the track to ground and to its foundation. Each song varying in intensity and style from a rave, to a house party, to sticking your head in a pool and trying to hear sound, the dichotomy of tranquility and futurism create an alien EP fit to suit an alien world, which Virgo just so happened to make as well.

Aptly titled, Water Planet is both an audio and visual experience that can be described as the passion project of its creator in the form of a video game. The game seems to have been inspired by the EP being that Virgo herself noted that the Water Planet EP was completed before game development began. A few game development vlogs and music videos highlight the processes and inspirations for the game itself, including how music was used to help build the world.

Placed in a distant, cool blue world, mountains of ice rise through the water as deep ravines score the ocean floor during your journey as a lonely jelly fish. Navigating through the gorgeously fluid alien planet, you find yourself coming across familiar earthlike water creatures in the landscape (or waterscape), ancient ruins of the world, and well…water. Although there’s plenty to see in the world, it wouldn’t be complete without Virgo’s songs almost playing the role of an omnipotent overseer kindly narrating you on your way through.

Virgo as a persona is as brilliantly designed as her art is. Almost always donning white outfits, creating consistent placid blue backgrounds and album covers, and injecting little bits and pieces of her persona into everything, she becomes almost completely synonymous with her art. Performing at III Points 2017 this year and performing live VR experiences with her video game Water Planet, Virgo proves not only that she takes herself and the persona serious, but other people are definitely catching on as well.

Poking around on various sites the artist can be found on, she often describes herself as “a humanoid being of a blue planet, near a bright star in a dense spiral galaxy” and while wordy, it becomes clear that we can all be described as humans from a blue planet in the same kind of galaxy. However, Virgo presents herself more as a distant being far off from everybody on earth, but no better, simply on her own plane of artistry.

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