SPOTLIGHT: Music Producer Oscar Fenn

Orlando artist, Oscar Fenn clashes dance with hip hop/trap music on his rework of “Dear New York” by Firebeatz and Schella. A sinister stab pulses through the track, building tension and looping it. Fenn delivers the expected climax adding a trap hop twist to the beat, with a ruthless bass. Get to know more about the producer by reading his interview.

When did you start creating music?
I started making music in middle school. I got into it because of my cousin Darnell. I liked watching him make music and I thought it was fun to do. Once I discovered 9th wonder, J Dilla, and DJ Premier, that’s when I really started getting into beat making.

What’s more difficult- creating a dope remix or dope original beat?
An original beat is harder for me to make because it’s hard sometimes to develop a concept from scratch. When I remix a song I have a vocal or something to go with that helps the creative process. Remixes are also more fun to make because it’s interesting giving a song a different sound.

What’s more difficult- producing electronic music or hip hop music?
Both can be difficult but I think electronic music is more difficult because there’s soo many layers and sounds involved with electronic music and creativity in electronic music is on another level. The most difficult thing about hip hop music is having your own sound that stands out.

How do you choose which songs to create remixes to?
Is there a specific criteria a song must follow or do you just pick your personal favorite songs? Usually when doing a remix I try not to listen to the original song so my mind doesn’t try to process a similar sound to the original song so I can make a good remix. When I pick a song to remix I usually pick whatever song I can find that has an acapella and then I’ll experiment with it. If it doesn’t sound as good as I thought it would then I’ll just leave it alone and start something new.

Is there a ritual you follow or certain thing you must do before sitting down and creating an instrumental?
Not really. I just open up FL Studio and just think of ideas. 99% of the time I start with trying to make the lead sound and then I add drums and other sounds. Sometimes if I have a creative block I just go on soundcloud and listen to a bunch of producers to get some inspiration or I’ll listen to DJ sets.

Who are your biggest inspirations in life, not necessarily just in the music industry?
My biggest inspirations would be producers like Flying Lotus, J Dilla, Hudson Mohawke and Nujabes. They really changed the game of producing and creating music. Other than music producers some of inspirations are skateboarders like Nyjah Huston and Nick Tucker because I used to watch all their skate vids when they weren’t that big and now they’re huge in skateboarding. It’s just cool seeing people rise up.

How is your sound different from other producers?
My sound is hard to give an identity too. My sound has mixtures of genres which I think helps when trying to stand out. I haven’t really been compared to any producers. I think the only producer someone said I kinda sound like is Lakim.

Twitter: @OscarFenn
Instgram: sk8tingrulez

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