SPOTLIGHT: Tampa Rapper Joey Trill talks catalog, social media, and more.


Half the fun of following music is finding new and amazing artists that you think can make it to become the next big artist. Some make it, some don’t, and some end up becoming some of the biggest artists in the world. Mieux artist spotlights look to find some of these up and coming artists around Florida who have the talent to make it, and interview them to find out more about them. This particular artist spotlight is focused on the Tampa-based rapper Joey Trill.

I was curious to find out some more about the up and coming rapper. His Instagram page shows off his numerous music videos, each with over 1,000 views on Youtube, and other pictures of him flexing or posing with a gun in his hand. His hair is long on the top and dyed blonde, and in some pictures his nails are painted jet black. Even if you aren’t into the style of music he makes, one quick perusal of his catalogue will show there’s an undeniable vibe. His hooks are catchy, the beats bang, and any experienced vocalist could recognize his voice is actually very good. Punk rocker or trap rapper? I needed to know more about Joey Trill.

Where are you from?
Tampa, Florida. Born and Raised.

When did you start taking music seriously?
11 months ago after a serious break up.

Who are some artists you listened to as a kid? Did they have any influence on your music now?
50 cent, Lil Wayne, Biggie Smalls & a lot more that yes, Definitely Influenced me on how the world really is & taught me the ropes to finding myself.

In the same vein, who are some of your biggest musical influences now?
Lil Wayne, Asap Rocky, Wiz Khalifa, Post Malone, xtc.

Joey Trill has a strong catalogue available on Youtube with some songs that sound like they could appear on the radio and sound like somebody who’s been there for years. “Who I Am,” is a particularly strong single that talks about what it’s like coming up from being somebody who was asked why he even made music in the first place, to somebody that people wait on for releases.

I felt trapped for a very long time with a lot to say just didn’t know how to let it out.

On his track, “Wanna Be Me”, he raps, “Oh my God, I can’t believe it. Now these n***** wanna be me.” Joey Trill’s music and life seem to reflect his come up, the confidence that he’s proved his doubters wrong before, and can do it time and again if need be, and the work ethic he’s willing to put in to reach his goals.

One of Joey Trill’s coolest music videos is his song, “Guilty,” where, during part of the music video, he raps from a straight jacket. The lyricist is being pushed in a wheelchair, being shown constantly trying to escape. I asked Joey Trill on the inspiration for this music video and for some of his other tracks.

How did you come up with the straight jacket idea for the “Guilty” music video? That song got a lot of attention from some bigger blogging sites.
I felt trapped for a very long time with a lot to say just didn’t know how to let it out. So “Guilty” was my expression feeling guilty for my hard work & what i have become in such a short period of time.

Where do you see yourself in five years? Where do you see yourself as an artist in five years?
I don’t know yet but I do know hard work pays off & that’s all I’m about – hard work and effort. And I will continue this route until I make it to the top, even though every step higher I get it doesn’t feel how I expected it would be. I always want more.. Always.

What will it take for you to feel like you’ve made it in the rap game?
When I retire my mother.

Do you plan on staying with rap or diversifying into other genres?
“Definitely. I have so many ways to express myself. You just never know what’s coming next…

Has social media helped you as an artist? Do you think social media is beneficial or detrimental to all artists?
Yes. People talk down on “social media” rappers, but it’s 2017 and you gotta get it how you live. It’s a great tool. Utilize it.

What’s the next move?
A lot of big moves that I don’t be specific about, but my fans/supporters will continue to be fed with the best they can get out of me.

Regardless of whether or not you like Joey Trill, you can’t help but to respect his hustle. With the amount of content he produces for his fans, on top of the quality he consistently delivers on, it is no wonder that he is one of the up and coming rappers out of the central Florida area. On top of that, his music is very catchy. Trust me, I’ve had, “Guilty,” stuck in my head all weekend. Joey Trill is the real deal. Don’t take my word for it. Look him up.


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