Life Before Lockup | Interview with Skyxxx

Skyxxx, founder of Swamp Posse, has been creating waves this year with the release of three projects including his latest, “And Then The Moon Fell” where he criticizes the cliche ideas floating around hip hop culture. Skyxxx has now become a household name in the Florida rap scene and he doesn’t plan on losing his title, despite having to go away for 90 days. Read more as we talk to the artist before his lock up about his squad, his most recent EP, his plans upon release and more!

For those of people that aren’t familiar with you or your team, do you mind introducing yourself?
My name is SKYXXX (the X’s are silent) and I am the creator of Swamp Posse. Swamp Posse’s collective consists of myself, Nassacre, Keez, Tyla Yaweh, Jinx Cruz, Pat Woods, Donny Blanks, Iggy, Jon Dough, Serious Sound, T R3LLZ, Eboi City. We all have our purpose in Swamp Posse but yeah, that’s us.

New York born and Orlando raised. Do you think where you’re from/where you live has an influence on your sound?
I mean, when it comes to rap music it wasn’t like I was really born into it. I’m Dominican so I grew up hearing my dad play a bunch of Spanish shit or whatever until I found a Sony Walkman in my basement that just so happened to have The Score album by the Fugees in it. Actually, yeah fcuk that. Being from up North originally, I acquired the want to challenge myself sometimes and actually rap some shit that has substance. I can’t even lie though, the South has def shifted my perspective when it comes to sound and making hypnotizing shit. I just like to make cool shit.

You just recently dropped a project, “And Then The Moon Fell”.. Can you explain the title? How does the content relate to the name of EP?
And Then The Moon Fell…… I came up with that concept while I was away in prison last year. It’s basically like, the sun is our light….our life. It’s what guides us throughout our days and what we look forward to seeing when we wake up. Now imagine if we lost it ! After we adapt to a world without light then our Moon will soon become our Sun, our guide throughout the nights. Now,  imagine if we lost the moon too.. We’ll be stuck in darkness and thats what “And Then The Moon Fell” means to me. For lack of better words….it means Rock Bottom or like… “Fcuk… what am I gonna do now?”

You’re going away for 90 days.. How crazy has the last couple of days been for you? Do you feel like you were able to tie up some loose ends?
Yeah, 90 fcuking days…. sucks but at least I’ll be in a RRC / Halfway House instead of county jail where I was actually supposed to be but due to me having full custody of my daughter my Parole Officer and Federal Judge actually tried to help for once. The last couple of days have been a little crazy. I mean… I was doing what I normally do, just at a faster pace. I recorded a bunch of songs with a few dope ass features on them and shot like 4 videos to release while I’m gone. I was actually shooting the 4 BANDZ video with Nassacre all the way till like 6am the same day I was scheduled to report into the RRC at 1:30pm.

You shot a few videos and did some recording over the past weekend.. When can we expect those to drop?
As far as dropping any of this material, we’re still figuring it out but the goal is to space it out throughout the 90 days so when I get back I can keep running like I never left.

How do you plan on spending your time away? You think you’re going to come out with a bunch of freestyles, ready to hit the studio?
I plan to spend my time away on focusing more on myself. That’s where my troubles keep stemming from, I give a fcuk about other niggas too much, man and when I get jammed up, ain’t none of them around. It sucks ass but I think I can benefit from being away for a little bit. Probably read a few books, eat a little healthier and try to get my mind back in focus mode for when I get out. Not to mention I’m on day #2 of not smoking ciggs ! Trying to make it a permanent thing. As for music, shit, if I do end up writing anything I probably won’t use it to be honest. Fcuk that shit.

Who/what do you think you’re going to miss the most while you’re gone?
Who will I miss the most ? Shit, my daughter for sure. My parents too but I’m sure they’ll be happier without me around lmao ! I’ll miss Swamp Posse for the fcuking sure and at the moment I think I’ll miss a few other people out there but then again…. I probably won’t miss them at all lol. Fcuk em.

Any plans for when you’re released?
I did a lot for people, a lot of shit nobody knows about. I helped put a lot of people in good situations. So you ask what are my plans for when I’m released ?… I’m going to shit on them. I’m going to shit on everybody that ever turned their back on me. I’m coming for all of the money. Putting myself over anybody else from now on. I’ll be back in 90 days, I’ll be better, smarter and determined. There’s blood in my eyes mangggggg!


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