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With only a year under her belt, Orlando photographer Sk8boardt, is making moves. From local brands to artists and events, Sk8boardt is creating quite a name for herself among the underground culture. In honor of her one year anniversary of practicing and perfecting her craft, we asked her a few questions about her photography journey so far.

When’d you start doing photography?
Exactly one year ago.

How’d you start it? Just had a sudden interest for photography?
I’ve always wanted a camera. Since I was little. Always liked taking pictures, never really did anything with that because mom could never afford one. A year ago, I was working in a photo center and my coworker was a photographer , he sold me his camera and I started teaching myself.

You don’t do the traditional landscapes like a lot of FL photographers generally shoot, what made you want to do portraits and event photography instead?
Ah yes. Not a big fan of cityscapes because everyone is doing it. My first show was in July. I went to the father show to take pictures of adolla, not knowing how to work my camera or the new flash I had but I loved the environment and noticed that there wasn’t many other photographers at the event. Also realized that capturing the artists performing and the crowds reaction was waaay cooler than things that don’t move . If that makes sense. Portraits came a little after , when I started to get to know the artists outside of the event scene. Also because the artists interest me. They’re all unique and most of them like different types of editing which helps me learn more!

How was your experience at your first event? Which show has been the most exciting to shoot so far? In what ways have you progressed over the past year?
My first event was amazing , I saw my friend adolla perform and met skyxxx. During the year I’ve broken away from Nikon and learned how to use Canon. Also, I’ve started editing using photoshop. I didn’t edit until like this past August, honestly. The most exciting show that I’ve shot? That’s hard to pick! . All the shows are so much fun!

Any particular reason you switched from Nikon to Canon?
When I started to shoot for TVC, I started to use their cameras and they use Canon. Also I always figured I should learn, and I wanted to see what the difference between the two was. However for shows I haven’t used a Canon yet. Still use my Nikon.

Any major differences you noticed after working with both brands?
The details are waaay sharper on the Canon. Tvc has provided me with so many tools to better my craft.

Is there any mental preparing you have to do before shooting an event or someone?
No lol

Lol you don’t have to like take a shot or smoke a blunt or anything? Do you still get nervous or has it become second nature to you?
No no lol. I don’t smoke or drink. I don’t get nervous ..I love talking pictures!

Do you prefer color or black and white? Describe your perfect shoot. 
Color. I have no clue what my perfect shoot would be , I love to try new things every time.

Is photography just a hobby for you or is it something you would like to do for the rest of your life? Could you imagine yourself doing anything else?
At first it was just a hobby. I didn’t anticipate it to get this far honestly. But now I don’t want to stop. I don’t really see myself doing anything else.


-Adriahnna C.

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