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Tampa based photographer Frankie Benjamin, also known as Sheepish Narco, is a portrait photographer with an incredible eye for capturing the beauty of women of color.

With most of his work being done in a studio – Frankie has been able to find a perfect balance of lighting, the use of colors with their makeup, as well as the backdrops he chooses to put behind his subjects. Frankie also manages to perfectly integrate props into some of his photo shoots to add a new dynamic to the color and style of his portraits. With props such as pink boxing gloves, red rose petals, multi-colored head wraps, glitter, or flower crowns, Frankie brings a beautiful contrast of colors to the beautiful skin tone of the subjects as well as the solid color backdrops he uses.

As well as being a great photographer, Frankie also has videos that he produces. On the “motion” section on his website, as well as on his Instagram, you can see that Frankie also has videography skills with simple yet effective camera movements that complement the beauty and movement of his subjects. He also provides quick Photoshop editing videos on his Instagram to show his followers how intricate his photo editing process is, as well as what it takes to produce these awe-inspiring portraits.

You can keep up with Sheepish Narco and his work on his website as well as his Instagram.

Elijah Horton
Elijah Horton

Location: Orlando | Photographer & Writer for Mieux Magazine

New York born, Orlando FL based, freelance photographer and writer. Since first being featured on Mieux for the 5MMA recap, Elijah has taken pictures for many local events, showcases, and Orlando artists.

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