Interview with Lindsey Baker aka Saturn Suicide

Lindsey Baker, aka Saturn Suicide, is a St. Petersburg native and offcial SG girl. Starting out with home shoots, she now gets flown out to California to work with professional photographers. Read more as we talk to the blue-haired vixen about her first nude shoot, the hardest part about her job as a model, and much more!


Pepperoni or extra cheese?
Both! And mushrooms mmm

Pink or blue?
Definitely blue

Weed or shrooms?
I religiously smoke weed but sometimes it’s nice to take a trip and be one with the universe. I absolutely love psychedelics; endlessly rediscovering yourself is so beautiful.

When did you decide that modeling was something you really wanted to pursue?
I used to do a bunch of random little amateur shoots years ago but that was really it, it was kind of a side project. But now since SG, this is something I am extremely passionate about, it is just so empowering and tasteful!

Have you always felt comfortable in front of the camera or did it take some getting used to?
I went from doing amateur outdoor clothed modeling then my first SG shoot was my first time modeling fully nude and I was honestly surprised how comfortable I was with it. Probably a lot that has to do with it is that it’s not raunchy it’s just dainty and elegant. Plus working with super professional photographers made it that much easier, it’s like “hey I’m naked, but we’re both rad and having a blast sharing each other’s visions in a beautiful way.”

What was your initial reaction after being accepted as an official Suicide Girl?
What people don’t realize is how much of a process SG really is. I flew out and did my set in February and didn’t go pink till November. But the wait was well worth it don’t get me wrong. I was over the moon when I got that email saying my set was bought, which was right around my birthday so that was just the best gift ever.


What do you think is the toughest part about your job?
Dealing with the judgmental fucks of the Internet, “you don’t have enough tattoos/piercings” “you look too skinny/fat” it varies, but its all very unnecessary. When I first started, it all kind of bothered me, but if I got upset every time someone didn’t agree with me or like me I’d go absolutely mad, so I’ve learned to maintain a “I don’t give a fuck, if you like me, rad, if you don’t cool” attitude. I know I’m not everyone’s cup of tea and that’s fine, but if I’m not what do they gain for trying to tear me down. *shrugs* so that’s one difficult thing. The other is definitely shooting super early in the morning. Trying to be cute and sexy when you’re drowsy is harder than you’d think haha

Have you always been this hot or did you go through an awkward phase like the rest of us?
Dear god, awkward phase is an understatement. I went through horrible makeup stages where I clearly didn’t know what I was doing. This is a PSA: fixing your eyebrows can fix your life.

Has anyone ever noticed you when you’re out in public?
I’ve gone to a few festivals and throughout the day/night people would ask if I was Saturn SG. It was so pleasant to think people from all over, not just my hometown, actually know of me. It’s a wonderful feeling. But I did have an awkward situation once at a restaurant. I had to run to the car in the middle of dinner, on my way out this hostess told me I looked super familiar and asked if I modeled. I said yes, for SG and she was like “thaaats where I’ve seen you! A bunch of the workers said you were a model, I knew I recognized those tattoos!” which was cool but I instantly just started thinking, “all these people have seen me naked, I am here with my grandfather” it doesn’t embarrass me it’s just a ‘hm’ moment.



When did you get your first tattoo?
I was 16 years old and I got it in Ybor at 7th Ave. 30 minutes later I had my Hello Kitty bow, which at the time thought omfg yay. Now I want it covered. Everyone asks if it’s a pacifier hah.

Were you nervous?
I was so nervous I threw up in the trash can right before, and then was just like “ok fuck yeah let’s do this” Everyone saw me throw up. It wasn’t graceful and it was a Saturday.

How many do you have now?
Currently, I have 6 but when my SG check comes from my latest set of the day I’ve got some amazing ideas I’ll be getting done, just have to find the perfect artist for the style I want.

Have you ever thought about dyeing your hair again or has blue become a part of your signature look?
I definitely want to dye it back purple dark or light or both, but yeah I feel blue is a part of my image. That and I really don’t want to shock my hair back to blonde with bleach. I’m trying to use bleach as sparingly as possible, but eventually I’ll want to switch it up again.

Describe a typical day in the life of Saturn Suicide.
Basically my day consists of smoking copious amounts of weed, more than likely eating pizza with a mimosa in hand and an N64 controller in the other. When I’m not doing that, I love crafting, especially perlers. They’re so tedious but fun!

Screen Shot 2015-05-02 at 5.01.20 PM

So far, what has been your most exciting shoot?
Each and every set I’ve had an insane amount of fun, but I’d have to say, it’s actually between two different shoots. Both in LA. Getting paid to fly to California and model it was just surreal.

Do you miss St. Pete yet?
St. Pete is a bittersweet place for me. I’ve met incredible people through the years, learned a fuck ton of lessons, but its time for me to go, I never want to feel stagnant in one place.

Are your family and friends supportive of your career choice?
My grandpa, aunts, little sister, and friends are all very proud. I’d give anything in the world to show my grandma Linda all I’ve accomplished so far. She lives vicariously through me and in my heart; I will always strive to make her proud by doing what I love.


-Adriahnna C.

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