PERF! “The Opera!” Produced by tyHart

PERF! (not short for Perfect) releases a new single called “The Opera!” kicking off 2018 in a perfect fashion. An analog synthesist and rapper with a home studio created this song with pure heart and passion. With tyHart on the production, this song amps with emotion, a combination of abstract sounds that feed perfect energy to the listener. PERF! instills great storytelling within his raps that makes this song easy to use your imagination with.

The Florida rapper’s delivery keeps the song interesting since it’s about miscellaneous love. You don’t expect many love songs when you have rappers providing the listener with deep down unfiltered content. I appreciate the references to Frank Sinatra because he is well known as the lover man of the 50s. PERF! is putting all of his effort in his music and that’s a journey he should continue forward with. Check out some of his more content, the up-coming rapper has a knack for pushing boundaries.


Kumail Raza
Kumail Raza

Location: Orlando | Writer for Mieux Magazine

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