Pardonne Gallery “Blue Velvet” Autumn/Winter 2017 Collection

The Jacksonville-based brand, Pardonne Gallery unveiled its highly anticipated Autumn/Winter 2017 collection, “Blue Velvet”. To coincide with its earlier 2017 spring “Days of the living” release, the Pardonne Gallery imprint is back with another seasonal drop to take note of.

A comprehensive lineup that spans jackets and T-shirts along with various accessories, such as belt bags, and hat, the range itself features symbolic graphics and prints that make their way onto each item. The elongated jacket stands out at $275 paying homage to Isabella Rossellini, the star actress of the film the collection is named after Blue Velvet, Uniform top and bottom, which throw a spotlight onto the brand’s logo, as well as the material the clothing is made out of.

The full collection is up for grabs now at the Pardonne Gallery online store: Shop Now


Corey Jones
Corey Jones

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