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19 year old Johnathan Bezianis & 21 year old Cj Richards are Miami natives and the founders of “Dvmvged Goods”. Brought together by similar interests and aspirations, they became business partners from the start and thus the multi-media company was created. With only a couple months under their belt, “New Vice City”, presented by Love/Envy and powered by Dvmgved Goods, will not only be their biggest event so far, but it will be one that Miami will never forget. Read more as we talk to the owners of Dvmvged Good about their company, picking the line-up for New Vice City, and more.

What is Dvmvged Goods? When was it founded and why was it created?
Dvmvged Goods is a multi platform company that works with music, film & fashion. It was founded January 2015 & it was created because both owners have a exquisite passion for the entertainment and fashion world. We are going to share our visions of music, film, and fashion with the world.

How did you guys meet to create Dvmvged Goods?
We have been very close friends for over 6 years now. We always worked together and did business together. We decided to create a brand so we can put everything that we do under it.

How important is music and fashion to you?
Music and fashion is our lives and what drives us to create a success. Music is always a part if our day, whether it’s mainstream or underground. We work with multiple artists like Anthony Rose and Rey King. (Which will be performing at New Vice City). We are always styling each other and other people. Fashion is something we feel comes from within, we love sharing our ideas with others.

How long was “New Vice City” in the works before the official announcement?
In all honesty, “New Vice City” became an idea 2 days before the big announcement. We came together with Blake Minto (Founder of Love // Envy) and put the event together in less then 48 hours by utilizing our relationships with the artists and venue owner and made it happen. We started promotion a week before the event. People might call us crazy for it, but you never know until you try.

How was the line-up and name of the event chosen?
The line-up was created from choosing upcoming artist in the underground music industry that we had connection to through friendships. We wanted to choose a line-up that Miami has never seen before. So we included Ian Connor and Luka Sabbat to draw a versatile crowd, which would cater to the fashion lovers. The name of the event was chosen to brand Miami as New Vice City. We wanted to create a name for Miami & not just a one time event.

There is only one vendor at this event, how did Vintage Stereon get their spot?
Vintage Stereon is owned by close friends of ours and we have been talking for the past couple of months of working together on a project. They are actually dropping their collection October 23rd, day of the event so we just went ahead and got them involved to help put the event together.

How do you expect Friday to go down?
That’s a hard question. I am always positive about anything that we do, but we are going into Friday with no expectations. We are leaving this all in Gods hands and letting him take care of the outcome. Whether 30 people show up or 1,300 people show up. We are just thankful that God gave us this opportunity and actually lifted it off the ground for us.

Anything to say for those that haven’t bought their ticket yet or aren’t planning on attending?
Oh yes, of course we do. If you havent bought your ticket yet or you dont plan on attending the event.. all i have to say is “I’m sorry for your loss.” It is going to be an amazing experience with a ton of special guests. So we are sorry that you are missing out on this night of fun in Miami.

When can we expect from the next “New Vice City” event?
You can expect the next “New Vice City” event in the next upcoming months. We dont plan on doing it in Miami again, we plan on taking it to Los Angeles, New York & Atlanta.

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-Adriahnna C.

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