Native Youth featuring JK the Reaper “Understatement”

It’s not an understatement to say that Native Youth’s new music video, “Understatement,” featuring JK the Reaper is absolutely lit. The visuals feature shots of the artists that look somewhat like portraits, holding guns towards each other, amidst a light blue background. The color and visual direction inspires the mood, which takes the lyrics in a completely unique direction. As the hook kicks in, Native Youth and JK the Reaper sing in unison, “I love you baby, I love you baby, I love you baby,” over and over. The vibe is something couples will make love to, and single people will vibe to in the hopes they can find that special person for themselves.

The last line of the hook, “I just hope you touch me like you used to,” reveals something much deeper. As if the two vocalists still love each other, but due to some unforeseen circumstance are not together anymore. The visuals feature remarkably personal shots that showcase a tour de force of artistry show. Native Youth and JK the Reaper have themselves a beautiful work of art on their hands.


Gabriel Al-Shaer
Gabriel Al-Shaer

Location: Orlando | Writer for Mieux Magazine

Gabriel is a Palestinian-American artist and writer based out of Central Florida. He has pursued music since 2015 and continues to make music alongside collaborators CreativesOnly.

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