MOGREENFOREVER featuring Cody Presley “NMLS”

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“She tired of love songs, time to get my thug on,” rhymes MOGREENFOREVER on his new track, “NMLS.” The track is instantly catchy, and the lyrics of the hook match the song perfectly for an inimitable vibe. The lyricist’s delivery is somewhat similar to Jay Rock, but capable of melodic delivery that Jay Rock is not. The instrumental, produced by Lomarck Pro Studios is very good, and warrants the producers their own special attention in their contribution.

Cody Presley steps in for the track’s second verse, applying a change of pace to keep the song going. He rhymes, “It’s that young heartbreaker… Breaking hearts or breaking records, feel like David Beckham.” The cover art is also very interesting, and worth garnering attention all on it’s own.

“NLMS,” is an extremely relatable, catchy song, with strong lyrics that is sure to get anyone and everyone moving on the dance floor. Make sure to pay attention to MOGREENFOREVER on this burgeoning Florida music landscape as he looks to make his mark on the culture.


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