Michelle Sawyer | Finding Beauty in Unconventionality

“In the Sawyer dictionary, art is synonymous with life..”

From broken skateboard decks and pieces of plywood to dwindling frames and entire sides of buildings. With Tampa’s Michelle Sawyer, anything that she gets her hands on can and will be used for a greater purpose than it’s original form. It all is useful in her “magical” act.

Born and raised in Tampa, the mixed media and mural artist began screen-printing and designing graphic as a child.After a two year stint at HCC, she attended USF on a scholarship, where she graduated in 2006 with a B.A. in Fine Arts.

Art teacher for both elementary, middle school students and for after school programs held at the Tampa Museum of Art. She also spent a small amount of time as a tattoo apprentice. There she was inspired to begin blending traditional techniques with today’s more contemporary design and color. Her professional artist debut was for The Ritz’ Square One Show: GO. There was where she first met “Kickstart My Art” creators, Chad and Suzie Cordoza, who later went on to assist her on custom skateboard decks for Skate Park of Tampa.

Earlier in the year, Michelle was chosen to create a mural for Tampa Heights, alongside Anthony Krol. “The image serves as a homage to the entrepreneurial spirit that created Tampa Heights and sparked growth in the city.” The highly recognized piece helped them win the 2015 Creative Loafing’s Best of the Bay award for Best Artistic Message to Greedy Politicians.

There’s a great difference between thinking outside of the box and never realizing that the box even existed.

A flawless approach to combining styles to create unique pieces. A simple piece of wood can be detailed sculpted and alone be showcased will get an acrylic coat painted on. Then markers and color pencils may be invited to the party to create a portrait on the center of the sculpture. Add a custom frame that was remodeled out of more pieces of old wood and now you have a final product that not even the wildest mind would have ever foresaw.

Michelle Sawyer has a talent at “finding beauty in unconventionality”.


-Terrance G.

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