Meyday Hanson: Brush Strokes and Music Notes

Miami resident, Meyday Hanson’s work is as exciting as it is relevant. Drawing inspiration from music, many of Hanson’s pieces can give you the same feeling you get when your favorite song comes on the radio.

One digital piece inspired by musician Danny Brown portrays the man through galactic colors and hues. Various purples make up his face, with a shining blue tongue and bright yellow eyes that can’t help but take us back to the time of neon. There is a joy to the man’s expression, a feeling that is unavoidable when viewing Hanson’s work.

Another takes an artistic and abstract approach to Jay Z’s “Reasonable Doubt” album cover. A variety of grays, blacks, and whites make up the image with the only color being a light peach that ties the piece together. The man shown is tipping his hat to us, and a sultry, noir vibe radiates through every line and curl. You couldn’t count the amount of patterns that work tirelessly to copy the human form.

A work displayed for sale at Sidebar Miami brings Chance the Rapper to life in ways only comparable to the music he makes. This is a pattern in Hanson’s work, in that there is a such a mutual respect for both art and music that the two are able to coexist beautifully within every piece. It’s a soothing combination of the two that serves as a constant in most of Hanson’s work, reminded every viewer how powerful the arts can be.

Ryann Ersoff
Ryann Ersoff

Location: Washington DC | Writer for Mieux Magazine

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