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Marilyn Rondon is kind of an all-around artist/creative–in my personal belief I don’t think there is anything she can’t do. Model, DJ, fitness instructor, artist, zine creator; her list of talents go on. Rondon has pushed the limits of the norm and did what any artist does–create. Rondon expresses herself in any possible way she can. Not only does she create art but she also wears it all over her body.

Since moving from her native country at the age of 5, the tatted up Venezuelan queen is now back and forth from Miami to New York pursuing her artistic endeavors. With a strong following on social media, a recently released children’s book, and murals curated by Rondon herself in many areas such as the Orange Blossom on South beach, you can view her art almost anywhere.


Rondon is fearless and authentic. She documents many of her trials and tribulations of life in her art. For instance, for “Latina Seeks Thug,” Marilyn put out a call for baby daddies on Craigslist after a bad break up with her controlling and insecure ex-boyfriend. The response for this call was many emails and many laughs for Marilyn–all a joke of course. We also see more of her personal life in “You’re Not Drake”. The zine is a vengeful taking to her abusive ex’s apartment. Marilyn grabbed a spray paint can and her anger and took it out on the walls of his NYC apartment.

case8.000x8.000.inddMarilyn also talks about social issues, such as the rejection of tattoos in society. She recently released a children’s book called, “Why Does Mommy Have Tattoos?”. The book is full of original illustration and words drawn and written by Marilyn herself. Marilyn believes this will teach kids a lesson that tattoos are just art. This book is a great way of teaching kids to not judge others on appearance.

After hitting rock bottom, Rondon can proudly say that she is at an exceptional time in her life. By keeping herself busy, practicing yoga, working out, eating healthy, and curating more than ever, Rondon has reached a place full of love and positivity. There’s no doubt that we will definitely see more of Marilyn in the years to come.


-Suheiry S.

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