MACK V presents “DOLO”

Jacksonville based producer and artist, Mack V, blesses us with a brand new full length project for us to enjoy. While listening to this album, I completely appreciate the aura and the mood Mack V sets perfectly for the listener to party hard to.

“STG” and “Dice” are the perfect songs to start such projects like this off for us to be prepared. “Wasabi Freestyle” has the full potential to become a viral hit. The hype is real and with Lenny Lootz on the collab, the song instills pure creativity in each snare and drum bop. My favorite song off the project has to be “FAX”. Mack V produces this song on a grander level, the energy makes the song what it is for it to shoot to pure excellence.

The combination of unorthodox flows, lyrics and production glues together in a good way. The project isn’t boring and it’s something fresh for the audience to tune into. Mack V showcases his ability of versatility and ideas that don’t become stale overtime. I appreciate the energy put into this as you can feel it through every bass and pound. Also the features align perfectly. Check out more of this dudes stuff! His cover art is fucking fire aswell.

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Kumail Raza
Kumail Raza

Location: Orlando | Writer for Mieux Magazine

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