Lord Zapata’s 5 Fashion Tips When Choosing the Perfect Fit

Since the start of selling custom clothing only earlier this year, designer Lord Zapata has made quite a name for himself in Tampa’s fashion scene. His signature style and the uniqueness of his work allows you to spot one of his pieces from a mile away. We caught up with the MUSE brand owner to get his opinion on the five most important tips when it comes to choosing an outfit that is stylish and adheres to your own individuality. Check them out below!

1. Always have a statement piece.
A statement piece is the eye catcher. It should be the most aesthetically eye pleasing piece you have on. My favorite statement pieces are usually my jackets – I try to make my jackets as complicated as possible so when someone looks at them they can tell I put a lot of thought and work into them.

2. Don’t be afraid to get weird.
And you can do it on a budget. Other than my shoes, all my outfits are under 100 dollars. I go thrifting all the time and I’ve never paid over $35 dollars. You can get a concert tee for like 5 bucks some old school jeans for like 7 bucks and a nice bag to go along with it.

3. Don’t follow the hype and don’t be afraid to be yourself.
It’s very important to be yourself because if you’re not yourself, you’re going to look like everyone else. It’s important to always feel very confident about what you have on.

Fashion is very important to me. It’s my job and it’s what I love to do. It doesn’t feel like work whenever I’m working on clothes and that’s what I love the most.

4. Trust your dopeness.
I’ve been making my own clothes for a while now but I actually started selling clothes in January of 2017. I started because someone convinced me of selling them a jacket I had made. I used to be really against selling my clothes because it was something so personal to me. I never even thought of selling clothes, people had to really push me to pursue fashion and I thank them for that.

5. Always accessorize, details matter.
My favorite accessories are bags I have all sorts of bags (crossbody, fanny packs, purses, messenger bags) I think they add a nice touch to anyone’s outfits
bags are a must have in everyone’s closets.


Adriahnna Curry
Adriahnna Curry

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