Ledwan presents “Limbo”

Ledwan has an intricate style that distinctively belongs to him no matter what. The artist drops a cool 3-track EP called “Limbo” that seems to hit his adventurous stages in life.

The first track “Limbo,  which derives from the title, is a perfect introduction to a smooth EP. “Limbo” is jazzy melodic chanting “I feel like my life is like a dream” approaching his feelings about someone who he spends a lot of his time with. Ledwan uses psychedelic bars to get his point across with his profound music. A track like “Scorpion” is approached with such confidence and the trap sounds provides the listener with a little more “umph” to keep the energy going throughout the EP. The last and my favorite track of it all has to be “te lo juro” the production and the flow is untouchable for a rapper with his style. BIGLARRY, with a Jadakiss flavor, purely showed out on this track completely.

I like this whole project, it was very appealing and not just the music, it was more of the album covers that also reeled me into more curiosity. Ledwan projects his energy perfectly and provides us a solid foundation on who he really is. I cannot wait to hear more from the upcoming rapper so I suggest you all tune into this EP and give the SoundCloud a follow.

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Kumail Raza
Kumail Raza

Location: Orlando | Writer for Mieux Magazine

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