Kyng Gran featuring D. Wyte “Down to My Last Breath”

Kyng Gran looks to speak messages of love towards his children, but all of us can take something personal from his music. His personal mantra goes, “Husband first. Father second. Artist forever,” is absolutely inspiring to any artist looking to balance family life and creative endeavors.

The highlight of his project is “Down to my Last Breath,” where Gran tells his son that he can be great despite all the odds that will mount against him. The project, as a whole, contains easy going, smooth instrumentals that each carry an inspiring message in their own right. Look for Kyng Gran to keep inspiring future generations with his down to earth lessons, and patriarchal musical messages.



Gabriel Al-Shaer
Gabriel Al-Shaer

Location: Orlando | Writer for Mieux Magazine Gabriel is a Palestinian-American artist and writer based out of Central Florida. He has pursued music since 2015 and continues to make music alongside collaborators CreativesOnly.

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