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Built for the youth, the Kudeauxs brand is on a mission to bring notoriety to the creatives amongst this generation.

Kudeauxs is renowned for its simple, well-tailored wardrobe staples, inspired by sense of freedom society has set amongst the youth. Today, the label’s stylish, pared-down aesthetic seems as appropriate as ever; while trends come and go, there is something reassuringly constant and no-nonsense about the signature brand from Miami.

“The brand is for the youth in society that were born into a world that is designed for them to fail, but despite all the negative connotations, they will emerge victorious and successful.”

Available now on the online store are an assortment of backpacks, hoodies and tee shirts so be sure to cop something that peaks your interest at kudeauxs.com


Corey Jones
Corey Jones

Location: Jacksonville | Writer for Mieux Magazine

Self taught web designer & iOS developer.

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