Kent Loon presents “Stay Low”


This project is excellent. One has to apologize for the brevity such a statement, however, what you will be listening to could best be described as a “Trap Symphony“. The music from each instrumental combined with the complementary lyricism and vocal control of Kent Loon creates a vibe that works best when listened to all the way through. Cast any thoughts of shallow lyrics on accompanying trap instrumentals out of your head right now. Kent Loon is painting a picture and doing it better than most artists.

“Got these voices in my head… Telling me to get some money” are the first lyrics on the project. The verse goes on to let the listener know that Kent Loon is a proud Columbian, which could partly explain why Pablo Escobar is plastered all over the cover. It might be an ode to vaporwave or it could just be a representation of over information. Regardless, it is something that you will get lost in. Red and orange shades melt into images in the middle highlighted by multiple portraits of Pablo Escobar and then purple and blue on the left side to create a kaleidoscope and something that really draws you in.

The instrumentals are largely ominous, and very 808s heavy. The lyrics look to paint a picture of the type of lifestyles Kent Loon lives – big money, women, and getting more money. Sobriety is a state that comes seldom – creating an atmosphere that is woozy and hazy, smokey and smooth.

Kent Loon’s project, “Stay Low,” is a must-listen work of art that succeeds in the subtleties of atmosphere and driven, ominous instrumentals. This is an artist that has, with this project, without a doubt, staked a claim on future artists in Florida. Listen to “Stay Low,” and keep an eye out on the Colombian lyricist, Kent Loon.

Highlights from the project include: “Big Wins”, produced and featuring Chester Watson, who provides a little umph to Kent Loon’s mostly monotone style & the subsequent track “Money Maniac”.


Location: Orlando | Writer for Mieux Magazine "Gabriel is a Palestinian-American artist and writer based out of Central Florida. He started writing for Mieux Magazine in early 2017, acting on a desire to pursue his love for writing. Gabriel has pursued music since 2015 and continues to make music alongside collaborators CreativesOnly"

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