Jnkyrd: One Man’s Treasure…

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If there’s anything Tampa-based artist, Fary D Charles, or “Jnkyrd” shares with his name, it’s the variety of his work. No two pieces are the same, nor are they created with the same tools or same motivation. Jnkyrd’s art, while far from junk, are certainly made up of a myriad of parts and pieces you won’t believe work so well together.

In one painting entitled, “Pleasant Earl,” both brash strokes and subtle ones are used to create an eerily realistic portrait of Earl Sweatshirt, who could just as easily climb out of the painting and into our world.

In another, a print of Charlie Chaplin rests in black and white atop vibrant, colorful cartoon characters we all can recognize. This piece fills us with nostalgia, taking us back to the 90’s cartoons we’d wake up early on a saturday morning with a tub of ice cream to watch, and also to the time of silent film, where Chaplin commanded a theater without saying a word.

If you thought Jnkyrd wasn’t timely, however, you were wrong, because one painting uses incomparable talent to bring to life one of 2017’s favorite internet memes: Kermit the Frog versus Evil Kermit. Some of Jnkyrd’s pieces are concrete in their meanings, reminding us of musicians we’ve loved and memes we’ve shared, however some are not. Some are more abstract, creating images our minds can just almost make out, and there is a special beauty in this. While one man’s treasure may be another man’s junk, there is only treasure to be found in Jnkyrd.

Ryann Ersoff
Ryann Ersoff

Location: Washington DC | Writer for Mieux Magazine

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