Italic(f) presents “Loops Vol. 1”

Bump music is the truth. It’s a subgenre of hip-hop practiced by producers like The Great Dilla, FLying Lotus, Madlib, Insightful, and occasionally Tyler the Creator. Point is, knowledgeable bump producers are rare and Mieux just happened to stumble across one who can put in work. LOOPS vol. 1 by Italic(f) = an entire night of adultswim comercial breaks hand-wrapped in book paper, and delivered to your doorstep by a singing mailman who only knows your favorite Quasimoto lyrics.

On top of being insanely dope, the album is also appropriately named. Each track giving you simple sounds arranged into a symphony and sprinkled on top of 5 unique drum patterns in a way that only a bump artist can do it. “Bending by the River Talking to Narcissus” (dope name by the way), “Face in the Light/We’re all flying”, “We’re all swimming”, “Green Dolphin Street”, and my personal favorite “Green Tables & Dust” are five reasons that anybody who is looking for a producer or just enjoys genuinely good bumps should cop “Loops” by Italic(f) on Bandcamp.

Download “Loops Vol. 1”


-Everett R.


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