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Last week, Mieux caught up with a few of the boys from the Paper Cut Gang. I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but they’ve been staying busy this past month and to my surprise, it’s nowhere near over. Read as we talk to the guys about their many upcoming projects including the group mixtape #TheGang dropping 9/11, the difficulties within the group and so much more.

So, you guys are pretty busy this month. PCG just dropped Live & Learn and now you guys are dropping #TheGang in like 2 weeks. What have you guys been going through this month? Has it been stressful?

JJ: Well, we’re always busy doing something. I have 3 unreleased projects already laid out myself and Bam has a couple up his sleeve. He’s dropping a tape called “Electricity” soon. Nova has an unreleased project called “Livin’ Elevated” and Sedd has a tape called “Higher Learning.” That’s basically why they called their joint mixtape “Live n Learn”.  (Download “Live N Learn”) Rod is currently working on his solo project as we speak.

Jerry: Yes, we’ve been very busy indeed haha. This month consisted of constant recording, promotion, and really just trying to perfect our craft. We have our very own unique sound we try to up hold on every track so it takes time to get that in check. It’s not really that stressful. I really enjoy working under these conditions.

What are the differences in the mixtapes? 

Jerry: “Live N’ Learn” is a collaboration mixtape by Sedd Truth and myself. This mixtape is more laid back and chill. We tell tales from our past and what is currently going on in our lives. On the other hand, “#TheGang” is the group mixtape including all members of PCG on it. This is our first group mixtape we’ve done in about 2 years or so.

Akeem: Live & Learn is more focused on living life and keeping a positive outlook on things. #TheGang is a mixtape induced by raw talent, clever punch lines and energetic music!

JJ: We’re basically showing what we can do lyrically and commercially. We’re bringing each of our individual styles together to give people a basic feel of what it’s like when you chill with the gang. The listeners will basically be able to see who we are as individuals and who we are as a group at the same time.

 Are there any other artists featured on #TheGang?

Rod: The only other artist on #TheGang is long time friend and frequent collaborator Finn Keys.

Is there a specific reason you guys chose to drop it on 9/11?

JJ: The reason we chose 9/11 to drop the tape is basically because the whole world was really impacted by it. It was a big day in history so us releasing the tape on that date symbolizes that same big impact.

Any shows planned after the mixtape drops?

Akeem: We are in recording season so we pretty much cleared our schedule but we are all working on mixtapes.

Tell us more about the new video you guys have coming out, “Dial Tone.”

Akeem: “Dial Tone” is a song for the people having relationship problems. I mean we all have that one person we want to really stop calling our phone. The video will be crazy as well, can’t give off too much information on that though.

JJ: But for right now, our fans can expect to see a visual for “Live N Learn” shot by Naquan Reese.  Shout out to Misfit HD and another video you can expect soon is “Cloud 9,” a song by Rod and Nova. It’s very inspirational.

Do you think more members in a group makes it harder or the other way around? How do you guys usually settle the differences within the group?

Akeem: With us having 5 members, song arrangement can get a little tricky but it’s actually easier to get things done. Usually we just argue and joke around until we come to a conclusion

JJ: I think more people in a group is a good thing. It keeps you grounded and it also helps you progress as an artist. Especially with us because we’re very competitive! We feel as if we are our only competition haha.

Rod: Each member wants to eat the next member on a track forcing us to get better creating a never-ending cycle of unlimited potential

Is it difficult having some members live in Orlando? Does it make it harder to get things done? Why are some of the members currently in Orlando? How often do you guys really see each other? 

Jerry: Some of the PCG left for Orlando to attend college there. We all roomed together so we were with each other 24/7.

JJ: With some members being in Orlando it makes it a little challenging to finish some stuff but it’s nothing we can’t handle. We’ll always make it work.

Rod: If you want something bad enough, you make the best out of what you have. I think we have done a good job of that. We see each other all the time. We have numerous resources to make sure everyone sees each other for an ample amount of time. We’re all like brothers; we make time for each other. We are all very close because of all the many situations we have been through, especially when we lived together. Plus, we all know when the other is serious or not so we know when to lighten up. We all do a pretty good job at sticking to the G code.

Do you guys have separate roles within the group?

Jerry: We don’t view ourselves as group members or teammates. We are one. No specific roles just a unit. It is more like a family affair. We are more like brothers than anything. We’ve known each other for so long and went through so much together. We grew up with each other, stood strong during tough times, and enjoyed all of the good times together. At the end of the day we all have the same goal and we won’t hold each other back from reaching that. We would rather help each other get to that goal. We handle all of our differences by understanding each other’s points of views and by coming up with solutions that can benefit each other.

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