Interview: Multimedia artist Phive God talks music and glass art

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I got the honor to interview music engineer and glass art enthusiast Phive God. From the tool boards to the blow torch, we discuss who Phive God is, what his music and glass art contains and some other things you should know about the Orlando artist. Enjoy the interview below and show love to the soon to be legendary, Phive God.

Who is Phive of GodBody? Where are you from originally?
I am an audio engineer and multi-medium artist. The mediums are glass and music. I also dabble in a little photography and videography. I am originally from Rochester, New York. Moved down to Orlando, Florida during my teenage years with my family. My roots are one hundred percent Puerto Rican.

So how did you get into music? What is your style like?
Music has always been a part of my life growing up. I was a B-Boy as a kid and started engineering in my late teenage years. I surrounded myself with impressive talent, which influenced me to start writing myself for my own production. Honestly, I don’t think I have a particular style. I just write about my lifestyle and the fire that I dab on.

When did you start your music quest?
My personal music quest started while I was producing and engineering for a local artist. I wrote and recorded some of my first tracks during 2013. We had a pretty good team going, but we ended up falling out. After I graduated from Full Sail with a better overall knowledge of the industry along with my Bachelors in Recording Arts, I knew I could do it myself as long as I focus and find the right opportunities. After I dropped one track by myself, I linked with my now Public Relations management, Precise Earz (@PreciseEarz).

Do you take interests in any artist that wants to work with you? Or are you more particular?
Honestly, I am just focused on my own work and working with a hand full of artists that I know personally. The most recent collaboration I did was with City Tucker (@CityTucker). Now that’s fam for real. There are a few other artists I have in mind, but I will let the universe make those connections happen. As far as instrumental production, I am and will be extremely particular in who I will be working with outside of using the instrumentals myself.

What are your plans, music wise, in the future?
Really looking forward to working with Brill (@Brill_6). He is a film director with an incredible vision. I hope to put out my first solo music video with him on the credits. The plan is to continue dropping material with the help of one of the best online Public Relations managements, Precise Earz. The next track will be entitled “GOLD”. I performed a snippet of it at my first live performance on 4/20.

So since we’ve last talked, I need to know. What is glass art? How did this become a thing in society?
Glass art is just the creation of art with the glass medium. I use borosilicate glass materials (rods and tubing) to create non-functional and functional art. Glass artists have always been around. The underground culture that seems to be surfacing and growing extremely fast consists of some of the world’s finest artists. It feels great to be a part of such an amazing community of artists and supporters. A few artists to look up would be Eusheen, Certo, Banjo, ColdDrink and that is limiting my list greatly.

The most profitable artists are the hardest working with true dedication and passion.

How does one “take off” in the glass art scene?
Just be original. Don’t worry about the next artist. I don’t think anyone that is big in the game just took off though. Glass art is a craft that even the best are still mastering. To get recognized with the big dogs is not easy. Artists put in so much time behind the torch and even compete at glass expos.

Fairly new to this scene knowledge wise, is glass art a profitable profession?
Any art form is profitable. I have noticed that with glass for sure. But I honestly think, the most profitable artists are the hardest working with true dedication and passion. I always say that the passionate will outlast anyone just chasing a dollar. There are many artists who make a living off of creating glass art and selling it to shops, collectors/supporters.

You mentioned me before about having a glass art performance? Can you tell me a little a bit about that, your experience, the environment, and also what you do at these events?
Glass demos are have been some of the best experiences in my life. Basically the artist(s) will link with a venue, most likely our supportive smoke shops, to throw a live demo / event. Many of my first demo opportunities came from Farenhyte Smoke Shop here in Altamonte Springs, FL. I just received my first solo show / demo opportunity from another local shop and good friend, The Proper Pipe, here in Orlando, FL. It will be Sunday, May 28th. The turn out is always great. These are amazing opportunities for artists to get their name out there.

What are your major influences that shaped the human being you are today music and glass art wise?
For music, I would say just my everyday life. My family, friends, all the vibes, my circumstances, opportunities, just overall lifestyle and outcome up until now. Both my lows and my highs have molded me. As for glass, it would have to be other artists’ glass art and being a part of such a dope community. It just felt right. But I could honestly say my mentor, Know Ego (Glass), has been a huge influence on me.

Other question about the glass art scene, is there competition so to speak or just everyone doing it for the love of it?
No matter what, I feel there is always going to be some competition hidden in there. But for the most part, the glass art scene is pretty chill and accepting. I’m sure the majority of us do it solely because we love it and we do not worry about the next guy. It’s amazing how much support you receive!

Ok I’ve asked enough, I’ll let you have the floor, thank you Phive again!
Thank you Jackson. And I really appreciate Mieux Magazine for the continued support. And thank YOU for reading this! Just want to give some quick shout outs to all of Errlando (Orlando), Globs For Days, Chorn Glass, The Proper Pipe, DragonHeadz, Wook Crystals, City Tucker, Mike G, Mave, Brill, Masta Thom, Truly Def, 5 Star Vintage and one of the best online PR managements, Precise Earz. Free my bros Chadd and T. We will be good! Miss y’all and see y’all soon!

Jackson Mumford
Jackson Mumford

Jackson was originally born in New Jersey, but lived in Florida most of his life. Jackson is the co-owner and editor at NGAF (@NGAF407) that is out of Orlando and also partners with Rents Due (@RentsDueFLA) in South Florida where he currently resides. He loves to write, host events (shows, tours, etc.), manage artists, promote, anything basically with music and the arts. Jackson is also a staff writer for Brain Bakery Mag and New Yuth Blog.

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