“Inequality” Skate Film Directed by Jean Luc Vida

Cut’s, bruises, bails and cops have long resonated with skate culture, but one thing we often seem to forget is that the culture is happening right here in Florida. All over the state there are skaters really pushing the envelope and this film titled “Inequality” is an attempt to shine some light on these daredevils.

Film maker Jean-Luc Vida is behind the lens and editing board as well as some other contributors who came together to compile footage of some top tier skating all happening in the Sunshine State. There’s lots of talent in this film including Derick Glancy, Malcolm Seaman, Yonis Molina, Markus Jalaber, Uncle Sam Bellipanni, Eric McKenney, Cory Foster and plenty more names. You can purchase the official DVD at http://inequalityvid.bigcartel.com for $10 to support these guys and the skate movement down here.

Contributing Filmers:
Tristan Mershon
Stephen Buggica
Sam Bellipanni
Eric McKenney
Derick Glancy
Richie Valdez
Waylon Bone

-Matt C.

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