Halsi Solo Exhibit @ Loud Gallery Recap

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This past Friday, October 20th, Halsi presented his solo showcase at the Loud Gallery in Downtown Orlando. From the moment that you step into this Diego Inkusual curated solo exhibit, you are inundated with the incredible talent on display provided by Halsi, as well as good vibes from everyone in attendance.

“There’s a lot more color, fading, and gradients – so I just wanted to do something a little different and change it up.”

With guests ranging from fellow artists, to art enthusiasts, friends, family, and other supporters – the solo showcase had a great turnout of people that came to enjoy the minimalistic yet intriguing pieces that Halsi created. With only seven pieces on display, perfectly lit under their own respective light sources on the white walls of the Loud Gallery, everyone was able to perfectly see the textures and colors that Halsi used to create this simplistic yet abstract art. When I asked Halsi what his inspiration was behind this showcase, he explained to me that he wanted to use this showcase to challenge himself creatively. “I’ve been working and doing this character, and also doing this very clean style – so I wanted to break away and challenge myself, but also be a little more relaxed,” said the artist. “There’s a lot more color, fading, and gradients – so I just wanted to do something a little different and change it up.”

While Halsi did try to take a step away from the character he created, which he explained to me is a “representation of humans in their simple form,” the presence of the character was still felt. Before you walk into the venue there was a wood cutout of the character on display that people were able to take pictures with. Halsi also made some treats in the shape of his well known character that were available in milk chocolate and white chocolate.

Loud Gallery was packed with great art, engaging people, inspiring creatives, and was set to the tone of David Bathen playing the violin over instrumental tracks ranging from old school Hip Hop and R&b like “You Got Me” by The Roots and “Say My Name” by Destiny’s Child, to newer tracks like “Stay With Me” by Sam Smith. It is evident that Orlando is packed with creatives and experiences that you need to see for yourself. If you missed out on Hali’s solo showcase, make sure you follow him on social media to keep up with future events and showcases.


Elijah Horton
Elijah Horton

Location: Orlando | Photographer & Writer for Mieux Magazine

New York born, Orlando FL based, freelance photographer and writer. Since first being featured on Mieux for the 5MMA recap, Elijah has taken pictures for many local events, showcases, and Orlando artists.

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