Golden x Burns “Golden x Burns” Directed by MMS

Golden x Burns has released the music video for their first single from the self-titled project “Golden x Burns” and its abstract funk keeps your eyes glued to the screen. Michael M Sinclair, aka MMS, created this music video perfectly to the T. The video begins with two models (Raven and Ayo Madre) who seem to be just kicking it patiently while enjoying themselves watching two puppets on TV who I figure to be Golden and Burns. Through some series of events, it turns to burning roses, two women smashing instruments and dope effects.

The newly formed duo channels their inner groove to release an aggressive flow with silly lyrics to keep the organic energy flowing into this song. I appreciate how the distinct voices bounce back rhymes perfectly; it shows the listener that the chemistry is incredibly strong between both artists. The back and forth bars by the rappers make this song what it is. I’m sure they made DJ Qeys proud annihilating this production with a passion as both artist exceed expectations with this track. This is rap as fuck and that’s what hip hop needs more of. How can you not tune in? Check these guys out!

Kumail Raza
Kumail Raza

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