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There’s something profound and nearly philosophical every photographer carries around with them, buried somewhere deep in the framework of their camera. Every photographer is different, but you can see it manifest itself every time the photographer raises the lens up to their eye to capture what they think might be a beautiful moment, and in doing so, stop the inexorable march of time forward and vault themselves outside of the space time continuum that draws us nearer every day to our fates.

I caught up with Orlando-based, upcoming photographer, GoodJobJoss, to find out more about photography and how he defined the art. I asked him what photography meant to him, as most artists find some meaning behind their art, and he responded, “I try asking myself that every day but, honestly, I don’t really know. If I could pinpoint it a little more I’d say it means capturing points in someone’s life or a point in my life where I was when I took a picture.”

“I have only had one camera ever since I started and it’s the Fujifilm X – M1. It’s different from all the popular cameras out there like Nikon and Canon because it’s a mirror-less camera – not like the bulky DSLR. I’m not a camera guru but my camera weighs a lot less than any DSLR  I know, which is super helpful when I’m I’m continuous mode or shoot a bunch of portraits.”

One thing that really stands out on GoodJobJoss’s IG page are the absolutely breathtaking landscapes and cityscape pictures. Some of these are edited with slight color changes in the background that only serve to make the shot look all the more ethereal. “I try to travel at least 5 times out of the year to go to places where the view is beyond breathtaking like North Carolina, Philadelphia, Las Vegas and Arizona. Back in my sophomore year of high school I fell into a depression and didn’t do anything for about three months until I read a book called Into the Wild. Long story short, a kid dropped his whole life to travel and discover what was out there and discover himself.”

Something I’ve always noticed about photographers, and I’ve worked with plenty, is the phrase, “Anything for the shot!” I always think it’s somewhat funny, imagining in those instances the most ridiculous circumstances a photographer might put themselves in in pursuit of that perfect shot. So I asked GoodJobJoss what’s the craziest thing he’s ever done for a shot..

“So there’s this crane in downtown Orlando that overlooks the whole city, and I love heights, and I love the thrill – the adrenaline that pumps through me. I’m guessing it was a couple stories high. I mean, high enough to where you see the top of every building in downtown Orlando. So one day, late late in the night, like 2 am, I break into this construction area that the crane’s in, and me and a friend climb all the way up, until my friend was like, fuck that, you’re going to die if you go up to the edge. But I told him I would keep going. At this point, I had no idea how high I was, but I’m at the top of the crane, so I say fuck it, let me walk all the way to the end to get the shot. So I walk out about 200-400 feet, set the tripod up for long exposure, and just take it all in.”

What separates the good artists from the great artists are those who are willing to go out on a great limb in an undertaking to continue to discover who they are. At least, that is in my humble opinion. Something that permeates all kinds of artists’ work is that understanding of their own self, which bleeds through their work, when applied passionately enough, and offers a means of relating and understanding across swaths of time that any person capable of seeing, will see, through that artwork. There are millions of self-proclaimed professional photographers on Instagram and Facebook, but what stands out about GoodJobJoss is how he places you where he has travelled and just by looking at his photos, you will feel transported far away from whatever daily problems you might be having into his world where the lighting is perfect, and all seems well with the world.


Gabriel Al-Shaer
Gabriel Al-Shaer

Location: Orlando | Writer for Mieux Magazine

Gabriel is a Palestinian-American artist and writer based out of Central Florida. He has pursued music since 2015 and continues to make music alongside collaborators CreativesOnly.

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