Xplicit Agency presents “Florida’s Finest” Event Recap

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“Florida’s Finest, I am Florida’s Finest.”, one of the artists rapped to kick off Friday night’s event for Xplicit Agency.

Florida’s Finest hosted talent coming from all over the state. Using just a living room as the stage for rappers to get their bars off, Xplicit kicked off the weekend defining who they are and what they represent. DJ Luna and K-Money provided the sounds throughout the night while the artists gave us a taste of their newly released and upcoming projects. Ling Ling gave one of the first sets to kick off the event.

Philo B from North Miami had the crowd rocking to one of his newest tracks, Animal Planet. Von $hine came all the way down from Tampa to spit some bars from his 2017 release, 33607. Many other rappers including Go Yam, Babatunde, Souljalivintru, and Xali came through with their A-game. Every artist who held the mic that night gave us their all, and we’re excited to see what Xplicit Agency has in store for us next.


Nick Vega

Location: Miami | Event Photographer for Mieux

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