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Finessing Miami, Taking Over Florida One Hat at a Time


With an interesting history that some aspiring fashion designers can relate with, Finessing Miami’s perseverance is nothing short of admirable. There’s no doubt that growing from a humble label on the verge of becoming a global brand in a few years is the result of hard work, determination and an assured sense of creative direction – all important characteristics of any successful brand these days.

Aldhair Ramirez, the man who founded and runs the South Florida-based company, Finessing Miami, is no stranger to the grind. Originally creating apparel under the moniker, “ACC Apparel”, Aldhair claims to have been born with his incredible work ethic. “I’ve always been an entrepreneurial person and so running my own business was in my DNA from the beginning.”

“I have been able to achieve my goal of making apparel that everyone on their grind can relate to.”

While working at a law firm a few years back, he decided he wanted to create a brand that could appeal to everyone from the attorneys in his office to his friends at the bar. Now known for a vast selection of hats and a lot of other notable pieces, Finessing Miami has become a brand that the people love and absolutely have to have.

“Finessing Miami got off the ground and found its wings. Now I’m happy to say that I have been able to achieve my original goal of making apparel that everyone on their grind can relate to. Odell Beckham Jr, Kodak Black and Dr. Miami have all been seen wearing it and they are obviously very different people. I think that speaks to the message that has been a key part of Finessing Miami from the very beginning.” Collaborations with big influencers like YesJulz and Muses of Miami has set Finessing Miami apart from other brands.

What’s next for Aldhair? “More apparel and a bigger platform to put our brand and our city on the map in a major way.” Helping to solidify his future success, Aldhair started “Up2Something Studios” in February to bring creatives from a variety of professions together and has since grown from 2 to 10 members ranging from photographers to graphic designers.

Have a new found appreciation for the brand? Head on over to their store page below to shop the collection! However you’re rocking the t-shirt or hat, Aldhair wants you to remember that whenever you wear Finessing, you are telling the world about your grind,  your ability to handle business, and your commitment to getting things done by any means necessary.

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