Dylan Hughes presents “WAV”

Dylan Hughes, the creative Floridian videographer, has utilized one of the oldest mediums for skating videos in his project “WAV”. A bit over thirteen minutes long, “WAV” displays several skaters riding around Florida and more. The soundtrack Hughes underlays throughout the montage of tricks and flips has a hard, 90’s vibe to it. The music enhances the video’s transitions and brings a fun element to the project as a whole.

I loved Hughes’ editing style, as he didn’t just solely show skaters doing tricks, he had clips of his crew joking around in between shots. He also utilized the 90’s style of a VCR staticky look to accompany the soundtrack, using a similar styled font as well. While watching Hughes’ video, I felt like I was right in the midst of the fun, due to his camera angles and use of a fisheye to get a broader view of the action.

His precise editing and consistent styling in the video in his soundtrack use, clips, and transitions combined to create an excellent project. “WAV” simply has a fun loving element to it.


-Sara P.

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