Dr. LaFlow presents “Hypnodrome”

Dr. LaFlow dropped a beautiful 14-track beat tape titled “Hypnodrome” and it’s possibly one of the most beautiful pieces I’ve listened to in a long time..

The tape starts off very Quasimoto (for those who know who this is, I love you) giving us a perfect introduction and feel on what to expect in this project. “Grenadine” catches my attention immediately, even had me freestyle through that joint multiple times. The unorthodox vintage feel blends well with the guitar strings and drums. You don’t really hear this production everywhere, it should be praised.

“I hate going to the Doctor, the only doctor I wanna see is Dr. LaFlow”

What You Don’t Understand” is amazing. Dr. LaFlow blessed this track with a Katy Perry-esque sample; that’s raw. This whole project seems to be influenced a little by cinema. It makes you feel as if you’re traveling on a journey. The way he changed up the production game organically makes you think, “Wow this is dope, I am feeling something different.” Dr. LaFlow’s “Hypnodrome” is an experience. He has just joined my list of favorite artists that have been featured on Mieux.


Kumail Raza
Kumail Raza

Location: Orlando | Writer for Mieux Magazine

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