Daily Doodle: Jade Yasmeen

NAME: Jade Yasmeen
AGE: 21
LOCATION: Tampa/Orlando, FL

How long have you been creating/drawing?
I’ve been creating ever since I came out of the womb. Movies, dolls, and video games never kept me quite occupied like crayons and paper did. I made it a career this year.

When did you first realize your talent?
It was Pre-K and Kindergarten, definitely. I would draw and doodle in class while my friends would breathe on my neck the entire time. I’d look at them crazy like, “What? You’re saying you can’t draw this too?” Then it progressed into elementary and middle school with art projects where I’d hustle the kids for candy lol

How would you describe your style of art?
Feel-good art. The bright colors, the alien-esque ethereal vibe, it’s all to promote higher vibrations. Even if it doesn’t make you feel good, I need you to feel something. I’ll be worried if you don’t.

Can you imagine your life without art?
I would drop dead!

How important do you think art is to society?
It’s extremely vital, and I’m not saying this just because I’m an artist. Even if you’re not a fan of paintings and museums, just look around you. Landscapes, acting, poetry, music, even the body and mind. Some may not realize how satisfying these things are. It keep us from going insane.

Where do you look for inspiration?
Thats a hard question! I wouldn’t say I “look” for it, it kind of comes to me naturally. Music plays a big part. Besides that, I would just say my surroundings. I’m super quiet and observant, so I think an awful lot. I’ll be in the market and see an angry looking dude cursing out a cashier and think, “Wow, I like the way his eyebrows are furrowed in addition to his deep frown lines. I’m totally gonna paint his face surrounded by a bed of sunflowers” Spontaneity is key lol

Who are your favorite artists?
I’ve always been a big fan of Lichtenstein and Picasso. Their styles are completely different but the concepts are always so creative. A few modern artists are Andrew Ellis, Kyndale, and Kit King (husband and wife duo).

Do you prefer color or black & white?
Color definitely.

Are any messages meant to be shared through your work?
Not specifically. I just want people to feel something inside. Whether it’s a chuckle, “wow” or a “what the fuck?”.

image6Do you have to have a concept before starting a piece or do you pick up a pen/brush and see where it takes you?
I have to have a concept. I’m too much of a perfectionist to just throw something on canvas. Live painting is the only time I let the paint brush take me where it wants, and even that makes me nervous sometimes.

What are your aspirations as an artist?

My aspiration is to be internationally known. I will be everywhere for generations to the point where your grandchildren know who I am. I just want to travel and people recognize my work without a second thought. I have people from across the world loving my art already, and I haven’t even stepped foot out of this country yet. I’m going to be the ultimate artist, evoking real emotion from people.

Biggest accomplishment in life thus far?
My biggest accomplishment is transitioning from a model to an artist. I’ve always been an artist, but people always saw “Model Jade Yasmeen”. Transitioning into my burning passion is truly one for the books because I never thought I would do it quite effectively. Here’s the thing, when people are skilled in one field, it’s not accepted to be good in another field… let alone given the slightest opportunity. People never took my art seriously due to the fact that I modeled. It’s sad. Most people are one-dimensional and it’s always been like that.

Projects you’re currently working on:
I’m working on a flower series at the moment. It’s based around men, though. I think they’re truly neglected in art. I mean, they’re just so beautiful… all shades and sizes! It’s funny because “beautiful” or “beauty” is always affiliated with women, but why? I’m willing to show that femininity in a different way. Throwing in the flowers will summon just that.



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